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Duet no. 1 - III. Presto Duet no. 1 - III. Presto

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I really prefer this to your piano peices, and it is one of the best I have heard you do. The dynamism and melodies are excellent. The violin has a definate tune and doesn't fart about just making chords that match. The syncopation of the cello and its' simple echoes in some parts bring out the brilliance of the violin. Also the changes of tempo in the cello's part, Forte and andante at the start to mezzo-piano and allegro about 30 seconds in add dynamic interest to the piece and this theme is revisted throughout, making sure that the rhythm doesn't become stagnant. The one or two key changes I noticed, from minor to major and back brought diversity to this piece I felt that just the two keys (That I could hear) allowed you to fully explore the different phrasing rather than similar phrases in different keys.
In other words, Excellent!

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MusicalRocky responds:

Wow what a nice review!

I'm glad you liked the melodies and dynamics I used, I tried to pay attention to every last detail. I did like that little question-and-answer thing they had going on as well ;)

Aha! But I tricked you a bit, didn't I? That tempo change around 0:30 actually went quite a bit slower than the beginning. I'm a trickster hehe. It's just the way I notated it.

Oh, yes, I did go into D major for a while, as I revisited the themes from the earlier mvnts. I actually did think, Maybe I should do a weird modulation, rather than just major/relative minor relationship, but then something told me "No." So I didn't lol. Stayed within the bounderies of Bm/D hehe. I didn't feel creatively limited by it though.

I'm glad you thought it was excellent. Thanks for the kind review.